The Adlamenson Duo brings together the violinists Adrian and Byron Adlam in an eclectically diverse programme, comprising works by composers as stylistically far removed as Bach and Boulez. It is with the specific goal of playing on the one hand the established classics of Bach and Telemann, and combining these generally better known composers with the more demanding sonorities of the twentieth century composers such as Belà Bartok,Luciano Berio and Maurizio Kagel that the Adlamenson Duo conceives their programmes. Performances of the virtuosic romantic works of Wieniawski combined with the Traditional Latin American Samba and rounded off with the staple diet of a Bach ‘double’ make for a thrilling and intellectually entertaining evening.  Also with them this evening are Marjolein Dispa, viola; Michel Dispa, cello;  and violinists Emily Corbett and Nathalie Ryan.

J S Bach:     Three 2 part inventions No. 4   BWV 775;  No. 13 BWV 784;  No. 6. BWV 777

Béla Bartok:  Four Duets – Maramaros Dance, Ruthenian Kolomeika, Scherzo, Arabian Song

Henryk Wieniawski:  Étude Caprice – Andante, Tempo di Saltarella

Alexei Igudesman:   Te Quiero como loco; Samba

Alan Ridout:   Ferdinand

Ludwig van Beethoven:     Minuet from Trio Op. 3 in Eb major

Johann Sebastian Bach:      Concerto for Two violins BWV 1043 – Vivace, Largo, Allegro